Superior Performance

  • Fast lifting and travel speeds at all levels of discharge.
  • Single battery operation
  • Service life >3000 cycles
  • Fast charge (2 hours or less)
  • No “Memory” effect

Safety and Sustainability

  • Reduce carbon footprint*
  • No hazardous fumes or acid spills*
  • Eliminate battery watering*
  • Eliminate battery changes at each shift*

Leading Edge Technology

  • Rapidly expanding market
  • Big design advantage over the competition
  • Battery Management System and Telemetry
  • Wireless Capability
  • Remote trouble-shooting

Reduced Costs

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership*
  • 2-3X life cycle*
  • Zero daily maintenance*
  • No battery room required
  • Savings on electricity bills*
  • Smaller battery, shorter trucks, narrower aisles, more available pallet positions*
  • Less lift truck component wear*

*Compared to a lead acid battery

Lithium Batteries

Select your battery by the truck make, model, and voltage

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Classic lithium batteries

Classic lithium batteries

Expect a reduction in warehouse equipment cost by up to 50% using OneCharge lithium batteries. This is accomplished through drastic reduction of charging time, opportunity and fast charging, no daily maintenance and significantly longer lifetime than comparable lead-acid or gel batteries. Large scale operations have already given preference to our Lithium Batteries and according to experts, innovative Lithium Batteries will drive, “Lead Acid” out of the market by the end of the decade. The only question is who will start to save faster – you or your competitors.

OneCharge lithium frost

OneCharge lithium frost

OneCharge Frost is a safe, environmentally-friendly solution to working with food products. OneCharge frost protects against the damage to the lithium battery or reduction of its capacity in a freezer environment. OneCharge Frost allows for operation and charging at temperatures as low as -31°F. OneCharge Frost battery capacity maintains 95% of the rated capacity at even extremely low operating temperatures. It is especially effective at long-term operation in cold storage where product preservation often requires equipment to remain in freezing cold temperatures. Conventional batteries, when operating in such harsh conditions, lose 30-50% of their capacity and discharge quickly.

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