How to choose Li-ion battery capacity when switching from lead acid


The end of one-size-fits-all battery capacity approach for lift trucks. Learn how to customize OneCharge Li-ion battery capacity for your specific application! In this episode of his video blog, Water Hyatt explains why opting for lithium-ion can mean more flexibility in battery capacity in your truck. This is how it works: if you had a 1,000 Amper/hour lead acid battery then an 800 amp hour Li-ion battery can do the same job. The lead acid battery does not go below the last 20 percent and loses voltage dramatically with discharge. But the Li-ion battery does not show any voltage drop until full discharge! And if you opportunity charge your Li-ion battery at regular 15-minute breaks, then only a 600 amp-hour capacity battery can do the same job. That’s a 40 percent reduction! Capacity 11.42.32 AM What else should you consider? Apart from the lift truck make, model and voltage we can help you factor in the following when making a selection:
  • The truck compartment size, lift height and weight being handled.
  • Attachments in use.
  • Length of the run, number of shifts and length of breaks.
We recommend a higher capacity for batteries that will be used in cold conditions for the handling of heavy loads and higher lifts. OneCharge offers over 450 models of Li-ion batteries for nearly every make and model of industrial trucks. Whatever kind of work you are performing with your truck, OneCharge has a battery suited for your specific application with just the capacity you need.