About OneCharge

OneCharge develops and manufactures Lithium Batteries for material handling equipment. We offer our customers an advanced energy storage system based on Lithium Batteries and strive to achieve pure energy efficiency.

Advantages to using OneCharge batteries?

  • OneCharge presents the latest, state of the art technology.
  • Our solutions bring a noticeable economic benefit. The return on investment period with our solutions generally does not exceed 3 years and is often 1.5-2 years.
  • We have developed a range of batteries optimized to the needs of various warehouse operations.
  • OneCharge batteries are priced to maximize our customers’ savings and will reduce the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the battery.
  • OneCharge works only with the most reputable suppliers.
  • OneCharge Batteries have a standard 5-year / 3000 cycles warranty.

OneCharge Lithium Batteries for new and existing truck fleets:

  • Completely maintenance-free, sealed batteries (will reduce maintenance costs)
  • Wide range of operating temperatures (-31° to 104°F)
  • Two to three times longer lifetime (3000+ cycles)
  • No memory effect (opportunity charging)
  • No hazardous waste or explosion safety requirements (charging rooms are not required)
  • Low self-discharge (storage without regular charging up to 1 year)
  • Safe and environmentally friendly

Contact Us:

Address: OneCharge Inc. 16600 Aston
Irvine, CA 92606

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