Custom series

You can now benefit from more effective warehouse space
utilization using specialty equipment from Combilift or Aisle Master
powered by OneCharge Lithium Custom Series Batteries.

Type of lift truck Class I, II, III
Voltage 24/36/48/80V
Capacity 90 – 1080 Ah
Charging time 2 hours

Why Custom Series?


Full Integration with ALL Aisle Master and
Combilift Electric Lifts

  • 50 different models to fit Aisle Master and Combilift Electric Lifts
  • Battery to truck communication using CAN protocol
  • Lifts that require dual cases usually get all of the required power
    (and more) in one case, and just ballast in the other
  • OneCharge batteries are compatible with many different chargers
  • 0.5C to 1.5C charging available

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Save 20-40% in 2-4 years (compared to LP, diesel, or lead-acid)
  • Two to three times the cycle life of a lead-acid battery
  • Save the labor or service contract dollars to change batteries each shift and to water batteries
  • Return battery room square footage to profitable use
  • Reduce electricity use by as much as 30% due to better energy conversion; reduce or eliminate costs to cool charging areas and warehouse

Improve Safety and Sustainability

  • Eliminate risk of changing heavy batteries during a shift
  • No acid fumes or spills
  • Reduce use of electricity, less waste, 99% recyclable


  • One battery will last through 3 shifts while opportunity charging
  • There is little or no voltage drop with Lithium batteries
  • Reduce or eliminate heat that can damage lift truck components
  • Less lift truck component wear
  • Fast lifting and travel speeds at all levels of discharge

Options and Models

Standard Equipment on
Every OneCharge Battery

  • Heavy-duty steel outer case
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI)
  • Speaker
  • On/Off Switch
  • DB9 Connector – laptop connection
  • Output connector to lift (Anderson SB)
  • Input charging port (Euro 320)
  • Wireless capability

Options Available

  • Extra weight
  • Wired external BDI
  • Hardware and software for CAN protocol communication with
  • Direct cable package – charging cables and connector
    custom length for any make/model
  • External equipment control package (external power option)
  • Package for Cooler – insulation; from +32 to +68 degrees F
  • Package for Freezer – insulation, heater, and top seal kit; from -22
    to +68 degrees F
  • Top seal kit for cover, cables, BMS (dust and overspray only,
    no pressure washers)
  • OneCharge Management System data access


Combilift Aisle-Master
C6000ET, C8000ET, C10000ET AM33E, HE, NE, SE, SHE
C12000ET, C6000GTE, C11000GTE, AM44E, HE, SE, SHE, WE, WHE
C6000STE, C8000STE, C17000ESL,
CBE5000, CBE6000, CBE8000,
CS1850, CS2200, CS2750, CS3200,
CS3850, CS4400, WR, WR4


Combilif1 250x231

You supply the technical
drawings, we’ll build you a
OneCharge Battery!

Wh 470x328

More effective Warehouse Space Utilization using Specialty Equipment from Combilift or Aisle-Master