About OneCharge

The Early Years

OneCharge began in 2014 as one of the first manufacturers of industrial lithium batteries in the USA. Starting with a line of Li-ion batteries for forklifts, we have grown to produce the largest product line of industrial Li-ion batteries for the Material Handling Industry. We established ourselves as pioneers in lithium batteries for lift trucks when we developed our drop-in power solution, a stunning alternative to a traditional lead-acid technology. Our focus on subject matter expertise laid the foundation for our rapid growth in the following years.

Gaining Momentum

In a few short years, we grew our product line to over 550 models of lithium batteries for various industries. These range from powerful high-capacity batteries used in paper, lumber and steel industries to the custom-engineered FROST Series batteries for cold storage.

Our executives are top experts with global experience in high-tech manufacturing and entrepreneurship. This is a team passionate about providing efficient, sustainable, and safe Li-ion technology to all industries. These values extend to our relationships with our trading partners, as we make sure all of our customers have the support they need to get the most out of their Li-ion batteries. We’ve grown our partnerships from a select number of Material Handling Equipment dealers to the National Sales and Service Network by combining our focus on product development with equal attention to providing excellent customer service.

Moving Forward

One of our top priorities is to maintain quality assurance while we continue to expand our range of lithium batteries. The bulk of our manufacturing is now done out of our two new facilities in Irvine, CA. The development of our proprietary Wi-Fi-enabled Battery Management System, advanced DATA capabilities and a web-based data analytics client interface are the steps we take to support the operations of our customers.

We have never lost sight of our values. Focus on our customer’s needs, innovation, expertise, and lean manufacturing have been the guiding principles behind OneCharge since the beginning, and they always will be. Every OneCharge battery is a dependable power source that is more efficient, cleaner and safer for workplaces and the environment.

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