Li-ion Batteries for AGVs is a Tried-And-Tested Solution.

More than ever before, warehouse managers need to improve operating efficiency and reduce costs. That is why the numbers of Automated Guided Vehicles, or AGVs, have gained momentum. Li-ion Batteries for AGVs is a tried-and-tested solution and the best choice.

The wide use and acceptance of AGV’s has also changed the requirements of the power source . The very reason for AGVs adoption is a need for 24/7 automated material handling, which require maximum flexibility and minimum absolute battery charging time.

That is why pioneering companies among OneCharge clients using AGVs, choose Li-ion batteries. Flexible opportunity charging and zero maintenance, allow maximum benefits from these mobile robots. OneCharge also offers its clients battery data analytics for continuous performance improvements.

AGVs are mostly applicable in operations involving “stacker” lift trucks, where you need to pick things from a conveyor and stack them on shelves. Manufacturing, pharmaceutical or logistics business are good examples.

The combination of AGVs with Li-ion technology, can dramatically improve any warehouse or conveyor operation, with efficiencies and savings mounting with scale.

OneCharge batteries are a tried-and-tested solution for automated guided vehicles.

The experts are unanimous – AGVs and Li-ion batteries are a match made in heaven!

Count on OneCharge, your tried and tested solution for Automated Guided Vehicles.