Superior Performance

  • Fast lifting and travel speeds at all levels of discharge.
  • Single battery operation
  • Service life >3000 cycles
  • Fast charge (2 hours or less)
  • No “Memory” effect


*Compared to a lead acid battery

Safety and Sustainability

  • Reduce carbon footprint*
  • No hazardous fumes or acid spills*
  • Eliminate battery watering*
  • Eliminate battery changes at each shift*

Leading Edge Technology

  • Rapidly expanding market
  • Big design advantage over the competition
  • Battery Management System and Telemetry
  • Wireless Capability
  • Remote trouble-shooting

Reduced Costs

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership*
  • 2-3X cycle life*
  • Zero daily maintenance and no battery room required*
  • Savings on electricity bills*
  • Smaller battery, shorter trucks, narrower aisles, more available pallet positions*
  • Less lift truck component wear*

Batteries Batteries Batteries

We offer over 550 models of Lithium Ion Batteries for nearly every make and model of electric industrial trucks

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We customize and upgrade our batteries for specific clients’ needs. Here are the standard upgrade options

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Get a new OneCharge Battery Charger, or upgrade and continue to use your own

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