Superior Performance

  • Fast lifting and travel speeds at all levels of discharge.
  • Single battery operation
  • Service life >3000 cycles
  • Fast charge (2 hours or less)
  • No “Memory” effect


*Compared to a lead acid battery

Safety and Sustainability

  • Reduce carbon footprint*
  • No hazardous fumes or acid spills*
  • Eliminate battery watering*
  • Eliminate battery changes at each shift*

Leading Edge Technology

  • Rapidly expanding market
  • Big design advantage over the competition
  • Battery Management System and Telemetry
  • Wireless Capability
  • Remote trouble-shooting

Reduced Costs

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership*
  • 2-3X cycle life*
  • Zero daily maintenance and no battery room required*
  • Savings on electricity bills*
  • Smaller battery, shorter trucks, narrower aisles, more available pallet positions*
  • Less lift truck component wear*


Batteries Batteries

We offer over 550 models of Lithium Ion Batteries for nearly every make and model of electric industrial trucks

Li-ion battery for lift truck Class I

These batteries will satisfy the highest requirements for power and dependability for sit down 3 & 4 wheel lifts and Dock-stockers. They tend to be low in height — (usually 22.5”) and quite heavy (usually 1800-5500 lbs) as they also serve as counterbalance for the truck. The Class I lift truck is the “workhorse” of the American economy. OneCharge Batteries just do the job and don’t require a lot of attention. As more and more companies choose to move from fuel powered trucks to electric power (from Class IV & V to Class I), this is the most popular OneCharge product.

Electric Motor Rider Trucks are the loading/unloading tractor-trailers. They are used primarily for handling pallets.

Li-ion battery for lift truck Class II

These batteries will satisfy the highest requirements for power and dependability for narrow, very narrow aisle and specialty trucks. They are tall (29.5”) and thin (<30.5”) by design. Using powerful OneCharge Li-ion Batteries, you can put more power in the same or less compartment space, take advantage of short wheelbase trucks by reducing aisle widths to add more pallet positions in your warehouse.

Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks operate in tight spaces, handling pallets, picking/storing inventory.

Li-ion battery for lift truck Class III

These batteries will satisfy the highest requirements for powerand dependability for Pallet Jacks and Walkie Stackers. Available offerings are similar to Class II except they can be made much lighter than the lead acid counterpart. The weight is enough to keepthe drive wheel in touch with the ground, with no extra weight of leadacid. These OneCharge Batteries are tall (22.5, 26.0 & 29.5”) and thin(7.5 -30.5”) and can weigh as little as 290lbs and normally use a standalone 480V, 3 phase charger. Some models are offered with a 110V, 56A output BIC (Built in Charger) when portability is required.

Electric Motor Hand Trucks or Hand/Rider Trucks are used for unloading deliveries from tractor-trailers; they often do short runs in smaller space.

Sweepers & Scrubbers (Drop-In Solutions)

These batteries will satisfy the highest requirements for power and dependability for (Drop-In) Sweeper & Scrubber applications. They are packed with Ah capacity and are light weight as a counterbalance is not required. Sweepers and scrubbers work in areas that tend to be dirty and moist and can take advantage of our TS1 Seal Kit to minimize dust and moisture entering the battery and BMS, improving its ingress protection (IP). Pressure washing of a battery is NOT recommended.

Floor sweepers and cleaners for heavy duty cleaning applications are generally used on hard floors such as concrete, asphalt, and others.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

These batteries will satisfy the highest requirements for power and dependability for (Drop-In) GSE applications. Some applications may require one or more available upgrades as compared to a standard battery. This wide range of equipment is used both indoors and outdoors, in hot and cold and both dry and moist conditions, oftentimes during the same day! Not only OneCharge can add the TS1 Seal Kit against dust and moisture but also FROST 2 Package (thermostat, heater and insulation good down to –22 F). Pressure washing a battery is NOT recommended.

GSE is defined as all off-road equipment used on the aircraft side at an airport. Airport Ground Support Equipment includes pushback tugs, baggage and cargo tractors, carts, lifts, forklifts, ground power units, air-conditioning units, and belt loaders.

Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs)

These batteries will satisfy the highest requirements for power and dependability for (Drop-In) AGV applications. Available offerings for this emerging and rapidly growing segment tend to be a combination Class I & II offerings. Light weight and small they will fit in a variety of equipment similar to pallet jacks, stackers, tugs that are computer driven. Absent an operator they are scheduled for charging at regular intervals.

AGVs are autonomous vehicles used to transport materials or accomplish specific tasks in many different industrial settings — such as: manufacturing and product assembly, warehouse, material handling, food and beverage, etc.

Lithium Batteries

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